Math 410-01/510-01: Introduction to Quantum Computing, Fall 2018

(Tentative course website, to be finalized.)

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Instructor: Chi-Kwong Li

Course description: Quantum computation and quantum information science is a rapidly growing area. Quantum cryptology is in commercial use, and the construction of practical quantum compter still require a lot of research from different disciplines including mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, engineering, material science, etc. In this course, nn introduction of the mathematics background of quantum computing will be given based on
the first 12 chapters of the following required textbook.

Additional references:

Homework will be assigned every lecture and due the following Thursday.
Homework sessions will be conducted on Wednesday.

Challenging problems will be assigned from time to time;
extra-credits will be given to successful (or partially successful) attempts.

Math 510-01 students are required to write term papers.