Math 410. Introduction to Quantum Computing, Spring 2024

Instructor: Chi-Kwong Li

Meeting time, format, office hours.

Course description:

Quantum information science is a rapidly growing area. Quantum cryptography is in commercial use, and the construction of practical quantum computer still require a lot of research from different disciplines including mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, engineering, material science, etc.

In this course, an introduction of the subject will be given based on the first 11 chapters of the book.

and some complementary notes, which will be put on blackboard.

We will cover topics including: basic linear algebra background, the mathematical framework for quantum mechanics, qubits and quantum key distributions, quantum gates and quantum circuits in quantum computing, quantum integral transforms, quantum algorithms of Deutsch, Joza, Grover and Shor, decoherence, quantum error correction, DiVinzenzo criteria, physical realizations. Current research problems will be mentioned. Here are some other useful reference books.

Problem sets

Assessment will be based on the homeworks sets

     %: 0 - 60 - 65 - 70 - 75 - 80 - 83 - 87 - 90 - 93 - 100
          F    D    C-   C    C+   B-   B    B+   A-    A