Math 410-01/510-01: Topics in Quantum Information Science, Spring 2019

Instructor: Chi-Kwong Li

Course description: We plan to study some problems on quantum information sciences. Instructor, students and visitors can share their problems, and techniques in mathematical, computational, experimental, to study the problems. Some of the problems the instructor is interested in include: The theoretical and experimental aspects of these problems will be consdered.


Class note

Grades You can earn up to 4 points for each class starting from the class of January 23, 2 points for attendance, 2 points for putting up a link on the discussion board answering the question and doing the summary if you attend the class. (If not, you can do more about the questions asked.) You final grade will be determined by the following chart depending on how many points you will get

      0 - 60 - 65 - 70 - 75 - 80 - 83 - 87 - 90 - 93 -->
          F    D    C-   C    C+   B-   B    B+   A-    A