The Sixteenth Workshop on
Numerical Ranges and Numerical Radii

Hotel Termas Da Curia, June 14-17, 2020.


The year 2018 is the 100 anniversary of the celebrated Toplitz-Hausdorff Theorem asserting the numerical range of an operator is always convex. There has been a lot of research activities on the topic after this fundamental result was established. The high level of research activities are due to the many connections of the subject to different pure and applied areas. Since 1992, there has been biennieal workshop on the topic, and there was a special workshop at Toyo University in 2019 to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the publication Toplitz-Hausdorff Theorem. The purpose of the workshop is to stimulate research and foster interaction of researchers interested in the subject. The informal workshop atmosphere will facilitate the exchange of ideas from different research areas and, hopefully, the participants will leave informed of the latest developments and newest ideas. One may visit the website WONRA to see some background about the subject and previous meetings, and also the Wiki page for the history of the workshop and related meetings on the subject.






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