Math 408/508: Advanced Linear Algebra Fall 2023

Instructor: Chi-Kwong Li

Course description: The goal of the course is to equip students with the matrix techniques which can be used in future study and applications different topics such as Date science, AI, Quantum computing. You may share your views on the blackboard site why one need study advanced linear algebra, and what applications require the use of linear algebra.
This course will cover a list of topics including:

The discussion will be based on classnotes. You may do supplementary readings using online materials, and the following references.

Homework will be assigned every week and due on Sunday (11:59 pm.) except for this week and the exam weeks.
Homework help sessions will be conducted on Thursday, 3:00-:00 p.m. Jones 113 or 131. Of course, help is also available at office hours.
You have to use LaTex to typset mathematical document, an excellent skill to acquire. You may get the programs for free, or use Overleaf.

Challenging problems will be assigned from time to time;
extra-credits will be given to successful (or partially successful) attempts.

                 Homework   Exam. 1.   Exam. 2.      Final  
                 (weekly)   (Oct. 5)  (Nov. 16)     (Dec. 18, 9:00am.- noon)
                   25%       20%       20%          35%

     Grades (for homework, exams, final grade, etc.):

     %: 0 - 60 - 65 - 70 - 75 - 80 - 83 - 87 - 90 - 93 - 100
          F    D    C-   C    C+   B-   B    B+   A-    A
               (Extra credits  may add another 5%)

Class notes (Under continuous revision)

Homework list