An Invitation to Quantum Information and Quantum Computing,
November - December, 2021

A lecture series delivered at the National Tsinghua University.

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Description of the lecture series.

Quantum information science and quantum computing are rapidly growing areas. The study concerns the use of quantum properties to store, transmit, and manipulate data. Recent study has connected the topic to other research areas such as image processing, machine learning, neural network, etc. The study requires knowledge from a wide spectrum of different disciplines including mathematics, physics, computer science, chemistry, engineering, material science, etc.

The goal of this lecture series is to use elementary matrix theory approach to introduce the subject to beginners, and also provide a platform for people from different background to exchange experiences and idea about quantum properties and how they can be use to solve problems in quantum information, quantum computing, and other topics.

We will not assume any quantum mechanics background from the audience, and require only basic courses in calculus and linear algebra. Background in group theory and differential equations will be useful, but not necessary. The discussion will focus on three components and their expected outcome are listed below.

Current research topics and Research group discussion.
We will present current research problems on the topics whenever possible. Participants are welcomed to suggest problems for discussion and investigations. Extra discussion and research group meetings may be arranged.

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